A resource for people going to EmCell in Kiev, Ukraine - Eric's next trip: TBD due to COVID-19

Contact Eric if you wish to join him for treatment while he’s in production on The God Cells sequel in 2020.

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I'm Eric Merola, director of "The God Cells".

I'm Eric Merola, director of "The God Cells".

I’ve been making documentary films that explore innovative and disruptive medical technologies for 10 years. “The God Cells” is my 4th documentary, which explores fetal stem cell therapy, with a primary focus on EmCell, in Kiev, Ukraine. In addition to being a journalist in this effort, I am also a fetal stem cell patient. A sequel is now in production in 2020.

Watch an exclusive lecture on fetal stem cellsContact to Join me at EmCell in Kiev: TBD due to COVID-19

What an experience.

Since 2016, I have traveled to EmCell many times: four times for treatment, plus accompanying friends and family for their treatment. My next scheduled trips are in April 21-25; May 18-20; June 8-12, 2020 to continue working on a sequel to “The God Cells”. Get in touch if you wish to join!

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What an experience.

Why I launched this website:

Since the release of “The God Cells”, I have received much interest and many questions from the American, Canadian, and European public regarding traveling to EmCell for treatment.

MY NEXT TRIPS FROM THE USA TO KIEV IS TBD due to COVID-19 - want to meet me there?

Where to stay, eat, shop, and other fun!

See my recommendations on where to stay, where to find the best food, where to shop, and where to go out and have a blast in Kiev!

Where to stay, eat, shop, and other fun!

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You interested and speaking to me about making the journey to EmCell? Happy to answer more questions!

Email: eric@ericmerola.com

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Eric's favorite hotel, restaurants, and things to do in Kiev!

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